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Stroyline: At the point when Danny Rand was 10-years of age, he survived a  plane crash that killed his greatly affluent guardians. Saved by warrior monks, Danny experienced childhood in the of city of K'un-Lun, where he persevered through brutal conditions, additionally prepared to be a furious warrior. Years later, Danny returns home to New York, where he wants to reconnect with his past and take his rightful place at his family's company, which is being run by his father's former business partner. Danny hopes to restore his family legacy by defeating the people who threaten it.

Genre: Crime, Martial Arts, Action, Fiction, Mystery

First episode released: March 17, 2017

Below are the casts:

Finn Jones as Iron first

Jessica Heriwick as Colleen Wing

Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple

Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum


 Iron Fists is an American TV Series created by : Netflix

Below are the episodes 

Episode 1 of Iron Fist : Snow Gives Way

Note: Episode 1 was directed by John Dahl and written by Scott Buck. The date of release of the first episode in on March 17, 2017

Story line of Episode 1: Danny Rand enters Rand Enterprises, making a request to meet Harold Meachum, however is disregarded because of his appearance. He battles his way through security and achieves Harold's youngsters Ward and Joy, who express that Harold has been dead for quite a long time, not trusting him to be Rand. He begins spending his evenings in a recreation center, become friends with a poor person calling himself Big Al. He additionally meets Colleen Wing, whom he requests a preparation work in her recently opened dojo; however she overlooks him as well. Rand makes another endeavor to persuade Joy, and later Ward. The kin trust that the opponents of Rand Enterprise are wanting to demonstrate an authority battle inside the organization now that they will declare their development in China. Rand is assaulted by Ward's soldiers of fortune. Wing endeavors to spare Rand, however witnesses him overwhelming them. Harold is uncovered to be alive and sequestered from everything, being in contact with Ward. The previous thinks about how possible it is that Rand is alive and orders Ward to leave the circumstance to him. Rand confronts Joy and informs her concerning Ward's activities. Be that as it may, she tranquilizes Rand, who is taken to a healing facility. Flashbacks indicate Rand as a youngster when his family plane crashes in the Himalayas.

Episode 2 of Iron Fist: Shadow Hawk Takes Flight"  

Note: Episode 2 was directed by John dahl written by Scott Buck. The date of release of the second episode is on March 17, 2017

Storyline of Episode 2: Rand is uncovered to be at a psychiatric healing facility, Dr.Paul Edmonds is the assigned doctor. Rand keeps demanding his actual character. Harold is uncovered to be surveilling the healing center. He has Ward converse with Wing. Ward offers her cash in return for her affirmation of Rand's charged condition. Harold furtively visits Rand, who uncovers that he is the present Iron Fist, the sworn foe of the Hand. Wing visits Rand, who uncovers his actual personality and why Ward fears him. She denies Ward's offer. Delight derives that Rand is correct and tells Ward, who declines to free him. Edmonds likewise takes in reality and gets some information about after the crash. The last expresses that he was exchanged by two ministers to K'un-Lun, another measurement that gets to be distinctly associated with the Earth at regular intervals. Edmonds does not trust it and analyses him with an uneasiness issue created by injury. Harold chooses to move Rand to a sheltered place since he can be valuable. Rather, Ward arranges his men acted like patients to murder Rand, who overwhelms them by summoning the Iron Fist, which he uses to break out of the healing center.


Episode 3 of Iron Fist: "Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch"

Note: Episode 3 was directed by Tom Shankland and written by Quinton Peeples .The date of release is on March 17, 2017

Storyline of Episode 3: Harold is uncovered to be under the control of an obscure lady who rebuffs him for incidentally leaving the penthouse. Wing is assaulted by Ward's hired soldiers, whom she overwhelms before being stood up to by Rand, whom she permits to remain at the dojo. Rand visits Joy, who offers him 100 million dollars on the off chance that he changes his character and leaves the Meachums. He denies and later meets Jeri Hogarth, an old companion of the family. She guarantees to recover his character in return for a perpetual contract between her firm and Rand Enterprise. Rand assaults a rude understudy of Wing's, inciting her to remove the previous, who goes to a loft claimed by Hogarth. In a meeting, Hogarth and Rand indicate Ward and Joy a carefully assembled fired bowl of the last's containing a more youthful Rand's unique mark, in this manner demonstrating his case, promising to present it in the up and coming court. Concluding that Harold is alive, Rand takes after Ward to the penthouse, where he trips to the window, which he opens before being pushed around an obscure individual. In the mean time, Harold strengths Ward to purchase a particular dock, which is secured by Joy's keenness. Flashbacks demonstrate Rand being beaten by the ministers.


Episode 4 of Iron Fist: "Eight Diagram Dragon Palm"

Note: The director of the episode 4 was Miguel Sapochinik and it was written by Scott Reynolds. Episode 4 will be released on March 17, 2017

Storyline of episode 4: Rand awakens in the penthouse, where Harold uncovers that his serious illness was covertly cured by the Hand, which requested his faithfulness consequently and permitted him to uncover reality just to Ward. Harold requests that Rand pulverize the Hand keeping in mind the end goal to free , which he acknowledges. In return, Harold orders Ward to acknowledge Rand's arrival to the organization, where his arrival is declared in a public interview. In an executive meeting, Rand utilizes his position as the greater part shareholder to implement his choice to offer a recently created leishmaniasis tranquilize at cost keeping in mind the end goal to spare more lives. At his condo, Joy is assaulted by Triad agents, whom Rand overwhelms. He takes her to the dojo before going up against the Triad pioneer, who uncovers that they hold resentment against Joy for looting the wharf. Nonetheless, he totally surrenders to Rand's position after the last uncovers that the Hand was behind it. As a reward for securing the dock, the Hand permits Harold to watch Joy from separation. He sees she has been injured and makes a request to be permitted to slaughter the Triad member dependable, which is acknowledged. Rand gets a message from Yang Hai-Qing.


Episode 5 of Iron Fist: "Under Leaf Pluck Lotus"

Note: The director of the movie was Uta Beriesewitz and written by Cristine Chambers. The episode 5 will be released on March 17, 2017

Storyline of episode 5: Another manufactured heroin shows up in New York City. Rand interfaces it to the Hand; yet Ward expels it. After a substance production line claimed by the Rand Enterprises on Staten Island produces cancer-causing waste chemicals, Rand actually apologizes to a whining subject, with the discussion being recorded by a legal advisor and later unveiled to the media. In an executive meeting, where Rand is truant, Ward persuades the shareholders to remain against the allegations as opposed to tolerating obligation. Be that as it may, the tension of being constantly viewed by Harold causes Ward to have a medication overdose. Rand meets Claire Temple, who trains at the dojo. He persuades Wing to help him penetrate the dock keeping in mind the end goal to demonstrate his hypothesis. At the dock, they discover the compartments clearly stacked with typical supplies. Rand enters one of the compartments, where he finds a concealed room lodging Radovan, the physicist who made the equation since the Hand has his girl prisoner. Rand draws in and overwhelms a bodyguard after the last fundamentally wounds Radovan, whom Rand takes to the dojo, where Temple balances out him. Wing pledges to help Rand vanquish the Hand, which is uncovered to be controlled by Wilson Fisk's old partner Madame Gao.


Episode 6 of Iron Fist: "Immortal Emerges from Cave"

Note: The director of the movie was Robert Fitzgerald Diggs and written by Dwain Worrel. 

Story line of the movie: To fulfill Joy's Satisfaction, Ward discards the greater part of his medications. He and Rand begin looking the distribution centers of Rand Enterprises so as to discover hints. They discover a message left by the Hand testing Rand to a battle. Rand advises Ward to continue to the emergency administration meeting about the video alone. Rand enters the building, requesting the Hand to free Sabina, Radovan's little girl, and leave his organization on the off chance that he wins, which Gao acknowledges in return for Rand to allow the Hand to sit unbothered in the event that he loses, which he acknowledges consequently. Rand wins every one of the three fights by the assistance of his guide from K'un-Lun; yet Gao debilitates to murder Sabina if Rand slaughters the last adversary. Rand saves him, against his guide's requests. Gao liberates Sabina, uncovering that she has been in K'un-Lun some time recently, and furthermore knowing Rand's dad. She effectively overwhelms Rand and permits the team to clear out. In the interim, Radovan's condition gets to be distinctly basic, compelling Temple and Wing to take him to a healing facility, where the Hand snatches him. Ward indicates withdrawal side effects in the meeting, constraining him to leave to look for medications. JOy prevents him from creating inconvenience at a hospital.


Episode 7 of Iron Fist : "Felling Tree with Roots"

Note : The director of the movie was Farren Blackburn and written by Ian Stokes

Storyline of Episode 7: Two Hand agents touch base at the penthouse to investigate Harold. Rand arrives and draws in them with Harold, who executes both. Harold has Ward dump the bodies in a stream. Rand creates sentiment with Wing. He begins exploring his dad's past. Gao lands at Rand Enterprises, instructing Rand to remain out regarding the Hand's way. She leaves, with him following her to an office, where she talks about business with a worker faithful to her. After Gao leaves, Rand goes up against the worker and persuades her to leave the city and give him her secret key. Rand and Wing convince Yang to help them battle the Hand. Satisfaction persuades Ward to go to a get-away. In an executive meeting, Rand declares his choice to close the Staten Island plant while keeping the specialists on finance. Rand, Wing and Yang's agents assault a Hand office, where a diminishing Radovan uncovers that Gao has withdrawn for Anzhou, where Rand's family was going fifteen years prior. The board removes Rand, Ward and Joy. Ward discovers that his own record has been drained. He stands up to Harold, who embarrasses him. Ward cuts Harold a few circumstances to his demise. He dumps the body in the stream.


Episode 8 of  Iron Fist : "The Blessing of Many Fractures"

Note: The director of the movie was Kevin Tancharoen and written by Tamara Becher-Wilkinson

The storyline of episode 8: Rand reasons that his dad was going to Anzhou to close down Gao's operatios, however were focused by her on the plane. The previous, Wing and Temple go to Anzhou, where they procure data from a close-by homeless person. They invade the office similarly as Gao arrives. Rand connects with Zhou, who has high self defense skills in spite of being an alcoholic. The previous overwhelms the last mentioned and keeps beating him until Temple and Wing arrive and stop him. Gao arrives and her men connect with the trio, who overwhelm them. Rand derives that Gao harmed the pilots. He saves her life and captures her. In the interim, the board offers each Ward and Joy 100 million dollars as severance. He endeavors to acknowledge it; however she won't, later indicating him photographs of the board individuals that can be utilized to coerce them. Ward chooses to disclose to her reality about Harold and takes her to the penthouse; however mental trips of blood alter his opinion.


Episode 9 of  Iron Fist : "The Mistress of All Agonies"

Note: The director of the movie was Jet Wilkinson and written by Pat Charles

Storyline of the episode 9: The serum was stealed by Rand from Rand Enterprises. The temple infuses it, with Gao expressing a few stories about Rand's folks before they end up being untruths and Gao being impervious to torment. Wing is uncovered to have been harmed in Anzhou. She gets in touch with her coach Bakuto. Gao's military agents assault the dojo, however are vanquished. Bakuto arrives and educates Rand to utilize the Iron Fist to mend Wing. Rand's vitality is drained and he falls oblivious. Bakuto, Wing and his men take Rand and Gao, leaving Temple at the dojo. An obscure professional killer touches base at the dojo. In the interim, Harold recoups from his injuries and picks up moderately typical mental capacity nightfall, coming back to the penthouse, where he goes up against Ward and pretends vindication. Ward gains from Yang that those restored by the Hand turn out to be more psychopathic after every recovery, and assault those nearest to them first. Harold murders his right hand Kyle and spots heroin in Ward's auto, prompting his capture and exchange to the psychiatric healing facility, where he is doled out to Edmonds. 


Episode 10 of Iron Fist: "Black Tiger Steals Heart"

Note: The director of the movie was Peter Hoar and written by Quinton Peeples

Storyline of episode 10: Rand goes to Martial Academy managed by his trainer Bakuto, who shows him how to revive his "chi". The former gets to be distinctly suspicious and invades a limited region, where he gains from a detained Gao that Bakuto is a Hand leader. Rand defies Wing, who expresses that Gao is the Boss of an abhorrent group of the Hand. Bakuto offers Harold partnership; however the last later decides to execute him. Rand discovers that the Hand is leading mass observation. He is stood up to by Bakuto, whom he overwhelms and endeavors to escape before being encompassed by Hand agents. 


Episode 11 of Iron Fist : "Lead Horse Back to Stable"

Note: The director of episode 11 was Deborah Chowa and written by Ian Stokes

Storyine of Episode 11: Rand reveals to Davos that they won't come back to K'un-Lun until the Hand is annihilated. They go to Temple's, the place she extricates the section of Bakuto's weapon from Rand's injury, ceasing the dying, yet neglecting to control the contamination because of absence of anti-infection agents. Wing arrives and tries to prevail upon Rand. She goes to a doctor's facility, where she asks an extern, likewise a Hand part, for anti-infection agents. Rand goes to the penthouse, where Joy has found that Bakuto has been exchanging the Rand Enterprises cash to his own records. Harold defines an arrangement to flush out Bakuto and his agents from the compound by having Joy solidify the records. The former and Rand consent to execute Bakuto, contradicted by Joy. The Hand catches Wing and take her to the compound, where Bakuto chooses to utilize her for recovery. Outside the compound, Rand and Davos sit tight for Bakuto. Davos keeps scrutinizing Rand's intention in remaining in New York. Satisfaction solidifies the records. Wing liberates herself and breaks, spotted by Rand, who surges inside and quiets her. Davos finds out about the sentiment.


Episode 12 of Iron Fist : "Bar the Big Boss"

Note: The director of Episode 12 was Andy goddard and written by Ian Stokes

Storyline of episode 12: Ward gets away from the MEDICAL CENTER  and goes to the penthouse, holding a weapon and requesting Harold to give him a chance to take Joy. Bakuto and his agents touch base, with the previous calling Rand, shooting Joy and giving him 30 minutes to land at the penthouse  to spare the trio.


Episode 13 of Iron Fist : "Dragon Plays with Fire"

Note: The director of the movie was Stephen Surjik and writtten by Scott Buck , Tamara Becher-Wilkinson and Pat Charles

Storyline of the episode 13: Harold enters Rand Enterprises and takes control of it. Rand and Wing go to Bakuto's office, which is relinquished by the Hand. Nonetheless, they discover Gao, who uncovers that Harold was the mastermind of the plane crash fifteen years earlier. Ward talks to  Joy concerning Harold's activities. She goes up against the last mentioned, who denies surrounding Rand. She leaves for an obscure goal. Ward aligns with Rand's group to vanquish Harold. 


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