Fitness for Dummies | How to get fit

Are you eating a lot lately and looking much flabbier than the last few months? Gotten too tired to get up o from bed and feeling much like oversize potato? You, my friend, have a weight problem. Gaining weight can either be a good thing or a bad thing for everyone. If you’re thin, you’ll get thicker. If you’re large you’ll get extra larger, and especially for women, weight is a very serious thing. Females are more prone to weight changes than the average male. They have more fat in the body and less muscle mass so burning fat and calories will be no easy feat. But it’s not entirely impossible to get you dream body too! First off, you should know what your body type is. Generally there are three – Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph.

An ectomorph is typically skinny, has a small frame, lean muscle mass and fast metabolism. Ectomorphs don’t gain weight easily so all those girls who have this body type were born lucky. Next, a mesomorph has a rectangular body shape, is naturally strong and gains muscle easily. Mesomorphs gain fat easier than ectomorphs so having this body type is a little hard to handle. Lastly, we have an endomorph that has a soft and round body, has slow metabolism and is typically short and stocky. Endomorphs gain fat very easily than the first two and can gain muscle easily. This third body type is probably the hardest to work with.

Still, getting fit and fab isn’t just a dream but it’s just a thought away, if you truly believe you can do it. So lave on those rubber shoes and throw those chocolates away because we’re training you into a fitness athlete!

The Good kind of Diet


Dieting… what a dreadful word. More like, “die-eating”. If you don’t eat, it won’t yield any useful result. Which is why dieting, fasting, or any kind of starving program is why dieting, fasting or any kind of starving program is not recommended for healthy weight loss? Deprivation of nutrients in the body will have heavy complications for the organs to work. In some worse cases, the organs will malfunction. That’s not what we want. do we? WE only need to burn the fat in the body. So for a healthy start paying attention with what our body needed, not what it wants. The female body needs at least 1000 to 1500 calorie intake per day. It is much recommended to know how many calories a specific dish or food will contain. To enhance the body’s metabolism. You should eat very small meals 5 to 6 times day a day. What food to eat, you say? Well, the body also needs proteins, vitamins and carbs. Carbohydrates like rice and potatoes may one of the reasons why most women gain weight but it’s a necessary part of the diet. The body won’t function fully without carbohydrates or fuel. Proteins are a little daunting especially meat. It is advised to eat meat every single day or eat too much of it.

It stays in the body for weeks and will make your figure a little larger, unless you’re aiming for more muscle gain. And vitamins. They’re the least to worry about and the most important to have in you r diet, fruits and vegetables. They speed up the body’s metabolism to boot! A good way to keep track of you calories every day is to count and list the, or yet, you can just remember what you ate last and go from there. It will be very helpful in you road to losing weight.

Stress free Workouts

Exercising or doing workouts shouldn’t make you feel tired or boneless at the end of the day. It should make you feel lighter and feel good about your body. Exercising isn’t necessarily needed to be done every day but a daily workout will surely make the process of losing weight faster. Also, workouts depend on what body type you have. If you think it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong!

One thing to remember: doing workouts excessively will lead to over fatigue and stress Cardio activities can last up to 1 hour, while lifting weights or weight training is only for 30 minutes. In this way the body has plenty of time to relax and recuperate. It is also recommended to do exercise in the morning. It speeds up metabolism faster than any time of the day. SO, workouts for the three body types. 

If you’re a gangling ectomorph and you want a little curve here and a shape there, you should do a short but intense workout preferably ones that focus ones that focuses the muscles, like abs training. If you’re a chubby mesomorph, all you need to enhance those muscles behind the fatty tissues, is to do some cardio activities like jogging or dancing), weight training such as planking and squats and others. For an overweight endomorph, that stocky body will be fit in not time if you focus solely on cardio training and weight training. The goal is to shed as much sweat and calories as you can.

There are a lot more you need to learn because this was just the basics. Go do sports or workout in the gym, there are so many things to do to burn those excess calories. Why don’t you change your lifestyle a bit and participate in more physical activities? In that way, coupled with proper and healthy dieting and exercise, you will surely have the perfect body.

Credits to: ANGEL LOU