Escalator malfunction at Hong Kong mall at Least 18 people are Injured

Video film shot by witnesses showing that an escalator goes lift all of a sudden turned around and went descending at a clearly higher speed, prompting many travelers losing their adjust and tumbling down to the ground. 

The escalator was a long one, going between the fourth and eight stories of the shopping center

As indicated by Hong Kong Free Press, a similar elevator was quickly closed down before in the day, and an assessment on Thursday demonstrated that it was working good. 

The Local media outlet Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) cited a harmed passanger as saying that the elevator was going "twice as quick." 

A few ambulances raced to the scene and took the harmed to adjacent medical centers.  A man who endured a head damage was in stable condition.

It passed a current examination on March 23, hinting at no mechanical imperfections or missing the mark concerning safetry standards 

The Otis Elevator Company, has been solicited to investigate the cause from the mishap. 

"We are encouraging the Otis Elevator Company to completely test into the mishap, in coordinated exertion with the police, the fire division and other government parts," said Mr. Chao, general supervisor of Hong Kong's Langham Place, Great Eagle Holdings Limited. 

No less than 17 individuals were apparently harmed in an elevator mishap. 

It was quick and individuals couldn't react promptly," Lau Kit-ying told the South China Morning Post. "More than 10 individuals heaped up close to the base of the elevator a while later." 

Shouts can be heard as a few people tumble down, while others can snatch the handrail and enduring themselves. 

As those got amidst the mishap, some figured out how to remain upright as they frantically clutched the rail. 
Two specialists have been captured and discharged  regarding the occurrence.